Thanks for visiting Harmon Hursey Media. Our goal is simple. To create compelling content that will Inspire, Empower and Entertain. Over the years we’ve produced All the Women I’ve Loved and Mistakes Men Make, bestselling novels exploring the euphoric heights and sometimes deep and dark pitfalls of black love. The spiritual ramifications of reckless relationships were revealed in the stage play and film adaptation of All the Women I’ve Loved, the gospel musical.

With Crabs in a Barrel, a social satire, we delved into the nuanced and complicated world of black-on-black race relations through the lens of societal stereotypes. Within the pages of God Gave Me Some Advice, a memoir, we took you on a real-life journey with a little back boy from a small town in Louisiana and how he overcame countless obstacles to reach the pinnacle of New York City’s ultra-exclusive media world.


The novel, set on the treacherous streets of New York City and the island of Jamaica is the first book of a three-part series starring Detective Thomas Brick. Brick’s entire life is a high wire balancing act between the law and the lawless. In Brick, A Cop & A Gangster the difference between the cops and the criminals is as thin as the blue line.

And finally, Brick, A Cop & A Gangster comes with its own companion soundtrack. Written and produced by the legendary rapper and producer Roc Marciano, the soundtrack is a luxurious musical ride through a criminal underworld populated with crooked cops, pimps, players, and the cream of the crop of criminality.

Please take a few minutes to learn about all that we have to offer and we appreciate your support. Thank You.

Other Projects

Other Projects